pbc bar reno - sponsor a tile

Part of the appeal of our PBC is how it has retained its 'old school' charm with many coming and feeling nostalgic about other times. However, this means the club is always needing to repair or replace parts of the building. The bar was last renovated in the 1970s and while the charm of that time undeniable, it is long overdue for an upgrade.  The floor underneath had gotten wet and was starting to rot so we had to rip out completely the old bar to replace the floor. This gave us an opportunity to redesign the bar to improve workflow to help reduce those queues on busy days.  However, we are looking to return the style to a 70's feel.  

We had scheduled to do our bar renovation in July this year and continue trading at a reduced level. With the COVID shutdown, we were able to bring it forward. However, this has also meant we are not able to trade at all during this time so our income is down.  

Our new bar will have new 70's style tiles across the front and we invite you to donate $50 per tile for as many tiles as you like. 
$50 = 1 tile 
$100 =  2 tiles etc 

By donating you are contributing to the on-going viability of the club and contributing to a great Inner West success story.  We hope to have 400 tiles sponsored but if this is successful we will push past to the 600 tiles that are actually needed in the renovation.  

To thank everyone we will create a colour poster that will have the name and amount of tiles sponsored, that we will display on the noticeboard, a prominent part of of the club.  

We have currently raised: $11,023.50!