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The future of sound is @ the PBC.

Upstairs Stage

Since 2007 the PBC has been a mainstay of the Sydney live music community hosting an incredible array of up-and-coming and established Australian and international acts.

If you would like to play at the PBC you’ll need to email Nic our booking agent at

Tell us about yourself or your act and make sure to include links to your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & chosen streaming service ie. Spotify, band camp etc.  


We don’t take band bookings over the phone or through social media.

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Upstairs is the main stage at the PBC.

Dimensions of the space upstairs are 4.2m across and 4m deep.

Max capacity: 100 seated, 150 standing


COVID capacity: 45 persons



  • Allen & amp; Heath Mixwizard 16:2 16 channel analogue desk

  • 2 x dbx 231S dual 31 Band eq (1 x FOH, 1 x foldback sends)

  • 2 x QSC GX3 amplifiers (1 x FOH, 1 x foldback sends)

  • 2 x Quest QM350i speakers

  • 1 x Turbosound iQ15 Subwoofer

  • 16:4 Multicore

  • mic drop box (small multicore for onstage)8 Channel


** System crossover, equaliser and limiting programmed in Biamp nexia CS DSP unit**



  • Jands Stage CL lighting controller

  • 4 x showpro HEX quad RGBW LED PAR (stage bars)

  • 2 x Chauvet DJ SlimPAR RGBA LED PAR (stage bars)

  • 4 x showpro HEX quad RGBW LED PAR (FOH bar)

  • 1 x LED profile (FOH bar)

Downstairs Stage

Downstairs is the green room/secondary stage at the PBC, with a smaller capacity.

Max capacity: 40 seated, 70 standing

COVID capacity: 16 persons

Dimensions of the space downstairs are 5m across and 3.2m deep.



  • Yamaha EMX5000-12 (8 channel mic) 12 Channel powered mixer

  • 8 Channel Multicore to stage




  • 1 x Chauvet Obey 40 Lighting Controller

  • 6 x Chauvet DJ SlimPAR RGBA LED PAR (FOH bars)

  • 2 x LED profile (FOH Bars)

  • 4 x Chauvet DJ SlimPAR RGBA LED PAR (stage bar)

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Shared Equipment 



  • 7 x Shure SM58

  • 1 x Shure PG48

  • 1 x Rode M1

  • 4 x Behringer XM1800S

  • 2 x Audio Technica ATM650

  • 1 x Audio Technica MB-DK4 Drum kit mic set

  • 2 x Behringer DI10 DI Boxes

  • 3 x Behringer Ultra DI

  • 1 x Behringer DI20

  • Various mic leads




  • st QM350i speaker boxes2 x Que

  • 2 x PA AMD-12P speaker boxes

  • 1 x Clarity CSP-12300A powered speaker



The Wattles


"Playing at The PBC is a really, really special experience. Between the fairy lights, craft beers, afternoon sunsets, old-school furniture, natural acoustics, kind staff and more - this venue has something very real yet very dreamy about it. No doubt, one of my favourite venues to play at and the sound was of high-quality".



2 x 3M mic lead  /  3 x 4M mic leads  /  10 x 5M mic leads  /  8 x 6M mic leads

7 x 10M mic leads  /  2 x 3M foldback leads  /  2 x 5M foldback leads

2 x 10M foldback leads 

Various power and extension leads, as well as power boards.


Caitlin Harnett and The Pony Boys


"We always have a killer time playing at The Petersham Bowlo. It's a truly unique experience. A hidden gem that everyone needs to discover!"

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